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Dec 04

WordPress, from slow to fast in a few steps

We took over a site written in WordPress recently, it was very, very slow. Ocassionally it took more than 10 seconds to load a page, normally after no one had visited the site for a while. Here is what we … Continue reading

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Aug 04

Storing your app data in the cloud

Do you want to store data in the cloud, but do not want to install Linux servers, load balancers and do server maintenance on a daily basis the rest of your life? One solution is to use Amazons AWS services. … Continue reading

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Aug 21

Free non-blocking hot backup of your MySQL database

Are you tired of mysqldump, but not willing to pay for the enterprise tools for Mysql? That was my situation a few years ago, and i started to look around for alternatives. No problem, you can do hot backup of … Continue reading

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Jan 29

Magento database connection problems

This post is relevant if you have a Magento database error, likely because you have: 1. Moved your Magento installation to a new host 2. Changed the username and/or password to the database You will see a problem in /var/reports/xxxxx … Continue reading

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Jul 19

Mysql replication fail

I got this error from the slave in a Mysql replication setup: Got fatal error 1236: ‘Client requested master to start replication from impossible position’ from master when reading data from binary log’ It happened after a server crash on … Continue reading

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May 21

A bit of Mysql

Just a few simple things that can be done in mysql, mostly so i have a place i can remember: Innodb – remove the binlogs The bin logs in mysql can take up extremely much disk space. Remember to cleanup … Continue reading

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