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Aug 15

Magento – is it not working as expected? Do you have module conflicts?

Magento is a great webshop with endless possibilites. However, its dynamic structure, and the way modules are written can give some headache. The problem can be that two or more modules inherit the same core class. Also called Magento module … Continue reading

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Jan 29

Magento redirects to old domain when domain is changed

If Magento redirects to your old domain, and you just changed the domain, you need to make a small modification to the Magento database. Find the table core_config_data and insert your new domain to rows where path is web/unsecure/base_url and … Continue reading

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Jan 29

Magento database connection problems

This post is relevant if you have a Magento database error, likely because you have: 1. Moved your Magento installation to a new host 2. Changed the username and/or password to the database You will see a problem in /var/reports/xxxxx … Continue reading

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