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Dec 04

WordPress, from slow to fast in a few steps

We took over a site written in WordPress recently, it was very, very slow. Ocassionally it took more than 10 seconds to load a page, normally after no one had visited the site for a while. Here is what we … Continue reading

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Sep 30

Are your PHP webserver scripts consuming too many resources?

If you have a hard loaded webserver, with php scripts, you might consider optimizing the PHP setup before investing in more hardware. Here are three tips for a production system, there are lot of other tweaks, but these three really … Continue reading

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Aug 21

Scalable php server jobs with Gearman

The load on our servers are increasing, more and more users are joining us, and they all send updates on a regular basis. On every update we need to consider if we need to raise an alarm and send an … Continue reading

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