Mar 09

Clone Windows 10 Installation

Its not 100% easy to do a Windows 10 clone, eg. from a ordinary drive to an SSD drive but the steps below will do the trick. The boot process will normally not work out of the box without these steps.

  • Make a backup of the partition with Drive Image XML
  • Restore the backup with Drive Image XML onto the new disk
  • Make sure partition is the first, its primary and active.
  • It might not be possible to set the active on the partition, if its greyed out in Windows Disk Management you need to set it manually (*)
  • Now create a System Restore Drive on a USB stick, you do that from Windows Control Panel and it burns onto the USB
  • Install the new disk and repair the boot process with the USB stick
  • You are ready to go

(*): If its not possible to set the primary partition to active do this:

Open a cmd prompt with administrator priviledges and do this:

  • DISKPART     (to open the partition utility)
  • LIST DISK     (disk number(s) will be shown)
  • SELECT DISK n     (where n is the number of the disk – probably 0)
  • LIST PARTITION     (partition number(s) will be shown)
  • SELECT PARTITION n     (where n is the number of the Primary partition you wish to make Active)
  • ACTIVE     (the selected partition on the selected disk will be made Active)
  • EXIT     (to exit DiskPart)
  • EXIT     (to exit the Command Prompt)
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